This Diwali – Diwali 2019 | Home styling, India

  1. Buy Local – Local Terracotta diyas should be a must buy. Promise me you will buy them without bargaining.

2. DIY, reuse, recycle. I spray painted few old things. For example, this old “monkey shoulder” bottle. Gold is not my colour but this time I used gold to bring a little bit of Diwali vibes at home. I actually like the rusty gold feel. I bought the spray paint from Itsy-Bitsy craft store.

3. Buy handmade art products. I am absolutely in love with the paper mache art candle stand that I got from the Kashmiri artisans.

4. Add more plants to you space

Three Hydroponic Plants

Three hydroponic plants that I have grown inside my house without any extra nutrient.

  1. Golden Trumpet – watch the roots grow beautifully in water

2 Philodendron – This beauty is amazing inside the water, the shape and stems makes this one look beautifully dramatic.

3 Spider Plant – Make sure that little bit of root is under the water, if water is closer to the tip of the root, it will start rotting.

Five tips to keep your succulent happy!

  1. Rotate your succulent – frequently. Succulent will bend towards the sun so rotating them will keep them straight. If you forgot to rotate and in case any of your succulent has bend a lot, just put them into a bright ( not too sunny ) spot where they get light from everywhere, they will regain their original shape.
  2. Keep your succulent clean – use paint brush, I sometimes use tooth brush to keep them clean and dust free.
  3. Use Succulent Potting Soil – There is a huge difference in Succulent / Cacti planted in regular soil and cacti soil. I use Casa de Amor succulent potting soil and I order it from Amazon
  4. Container with drainage – is a must. If you are choosing a container without drainage then be very careful while watering, the rot very soon.
  5. Terracotta is their best friend – I have tried re-potting succulents in different mediums and I personally feel that Terracotta gives them a better life. Terracotta is breathable and it absorbs water from the soli.
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Welcome to my gardening and home styling blog

I am Mili, an Engineer who later took up photography as a profession. I am a mother of nine year old child. Couple of years ago I took up home gardening seriously and I own many houseplants. My mantra is to bring as much plants as possible and make your own mini forest around you. Why? Because plants bring a lot of positive energy.

Apart from simple gardening tips, I will be blogging about home styling with plants and also about conscious living.

I will be presenting my ideas to make a happy coherent space around plants and nature and a healthy lifestyle. I will also be talking about local art, artisans and how handmade good makes our space more meaningful.

Why I chose the word Forest? The forest has great connection with the symbolism of the mother, it is a place where life thrives. Don’t you think so is our home?