Welcome to my gardening and home styling blog

I am Mili, an Engineer who later took up photography as a profession. I am a mother of nine year old child. Couple of years ago I took up home gardening seriously and I own many houseplants. My mantra is to bring as much plants as possible and make your own mini forest around you. Why? Because plants bring a lot of positive energy.

Apart from simple gardening tips, I will be blogging about home styling with plants and also about conscious living.

I will be presenting my ideas to make a happy coherent space around plants and nature and a healthy lifestyle. I will also be talking about local art, artisans and how handmade good makes our space more meaningful.

Why I chose the word Forest? The forest has great connection with the symbolism of the mother, it is a place where life thrives. Don’t you think so is our home?


Coral Reef Planter

Because of the diversity of life found in the habitats created by corals, reefs are often called the “rainforests of the sea.”
Our coral coloured planters can create the same feel at your home.

Corals secrete hard carbonate that support and protect the coral. Our coral reef planters are on the same concept of protecting our most possessed plants just like these reefs that grow best in warm, shallow, clear, sunny and agitated water.
Creating the same ecosystem at home without disturbing the sea life. Sustainability at our core. We proudly present these from our forest to yours.

Online planters in India
Online planters in India

Plant Propagation | Four interesting things you can use for plant propagation

Propagating plant is fun, fruitful and satisfactory. I always have plants ready to be gifted.

I love propagating them but I also enjoy keeping them well styled and attractive. Sharing four things that you can use from your house that will make your propagation corner look stunning.

1 An old whiskey glass. I have my Hoya Carnosa in this right now.

2 Glass Tea light candle jar. Propagating my aloe in this one. Although I can plant them directly, I love to place some of them in water.

3 Shot glass, one shot is enough for these spiderettes.

4 Old kitchen jars, specially after the lid is broken. My philodendron brasil is doing great in this and I can already see the roots spreading.

Plant Styling Tips | Handmade planters in India

Hello to all who have reached here. If you have reached here that means you are a plant and garden lover, tree hugger and planet lover.

In this blog I will be sharing three cosy tips related to plant styling. Keep your house plants styled and happy.

1 – Mix different families. Instead of keeping all the succulents together and monsteras together, try mixing plants from different families. This will help you create unique texture and interesting perspective.

2. Arrange a bowl of succulent and add some elements that you have picked up from nature.

3. Create different layers, if you like terracotta add unique terracotta planters.

Breakfast table Styling | Botanical Home Decor India

Breakfast table styling for two –

We have assembled terracotta and ceramics together.

The table napkins are up-cycled from old cotton silk outfit. The table mats are handmade by artisans from north eastern part of India.

To add colour, fresh Pumpkin and Tradescantia Pallida (Purple heart) plant is thoughtfully placed.

To complete the look candles are lit in terracotta candle holders.


Stying Table – The everyday way | Botanical Home India |

Stying Table – The everyday way.

We know that going out, brunching and dining out is not an everyday experience anymore. Setting up a homely table for ourselves and close friends or even kids is not a bad option. Isn’t it?

I am here, to talk everyday with you. Sharing three simple ideas to style your table. I love to repeat, recycle and mingle my things. You would get a glimpse of that over here.

Three simple tips to style your table with plants around – Candles every time. Meik Wiking has written in his book The Little Book of Hygge –

“No recipe for Hygge is complete without candles. “

Although Hygge is a Danish term, do you remember those cosy nights with power outages? When families used to sit together, beside us candles or kerosene lanterns always used to be on. From playing carrom board to Antakshari, how could we let the feeling go? Time to bring those practices back.

I have related to the term Hygge, because we have always done it, in true sense. So all the three set ups, that you will see here is with candles.

  1. The first set up is with candles on recycled bottles consisting twigs picked up from nature. Slipped them down with some water inside the bottles. They stayed that way for couple of days. I personally love floral table covers. Glass bottles, Candle holder, Mason jars are neutralising the bold prints of table cover and crockeries over here. Balanced?

2. Go all botanical! Collect flowers, take out everything tropical. I chose the table cover to be subtle and solid coloured to get the pop of botanical elements. The matching floral napkins and pot cover are recycled from an old cotton outfit.

3. Timeless, classy and safe. I personally love these kind of table layout for brunches and high tea.

Select two colours and play around with that. Teatime is always special for me, and for you? Tea or Coffee?


Old things bring old world charm

Old things bring old world charm. If you want to experience that, then you need to start keeping them nicely and you will experience it after years.

Even now when I go back home, the blue bed cover made of my mother’s old saree reminds me of her. Even now when I go to my other home, my mother-in-law puts the white bed sheet with red roses printed on it because she knows that it’s my favourite since forever.

We millennials learnt very fast to hoard as well as discard. We got so busy in our day to day life that we forgot that taking care of things is our responsibility.

We have created a pile of clothes, phones (is changing our phone every year really important?), footwear, etc.

I have done this for quite sometime too and I feel ashamed about it. We have made our beautiful earth a dump-yard and it is time for us to understand the repercussions and our responsibilities.

This post is dedicated to my mother and I will do more posts around this.

Watch my little one growing on this pink bed cover. She spilt chai and her favourite chocolate milk over it a couple of times. The stains didn’t disappear magically but faded little by little with each wash. A tiny part of this cover is also mended, but it still remains my favourite. After every wash I keep it inside my wardrobe with some nice fragrance sheets from Kaveri, Bangalore. I love buying things too. However, trust me, home is not just about making it look sparkly and shiny and new. It’s a lot about the warmth old things bring. I bought the cushion cover from Nascent Decor to style with this bedcover and I love how the soft pink and ivory go together.

Year 2020
Year 2011
Year 2013
Year 2020
Year 2011


What to do with old clothes | Story 2

This is my second story on this topic, and this one is pretty simple.

It was all the more easy for me because of my love and affair with cotton clothes.

Tea coaster using old clothes.

Step 1 : You need to cut two pieces in square size

Step 2 : Put the together and sew the sides.

Now isn’t that simple?

Recycling Old Clothes
Square Coasters

Press Flower Art – Story 1

Lockdown for me is not the time when I am getting to try a lot of things. A lot of pending work from my primary job as a professional photographer is yet to be finished.

The best part about press flower art is that you keep observing nature to find the right natural element and you will realise that we ignore so many beautiful things around 🙂

I just feel that I need these activities to keep my nerves calm. Press flower art is something very relaxing and easy. Right from the process of picking up the element from nature till placing and glueing it is soothing.

Let’s see how we can do it. Pick up anything that you feel is beautiful. To me wild fallen flowers are prettiest. Picking up is the first step. It should be free from morning dew. Will talk about picking up flowers in next story.

Next step is pressing. You can press in between a tissue and place inside a book, I place them directly. I have devoted an old, thick book for this purpose. Let it dry for a week. There is another method to do this without waiting, I would explain that in next story.

Next it deciding a base, I have taken a handmade paper here. You can decide from what you have in the stock. Decide the placement of your picked natural pieces.

Once your have finalised the placement, use a flat brush to stick it using decoupage glue. Let it dry and then do an upper coat. Let it dry finally 🙂 While doing the upper coat, use a generous amount of glue but apply it very gently to prevent the petals or leaves from breaking.


Keep looking for new ones to make new press flower art.

It can be a great gift, post lockdown. I always feel that a handmade gift is the best one 🙂


What to do with old clothes that you can’t give away – Story 1

When you have a child who is outgrowing his / her clothes every few months, you often wonder what to do with old clothes?

Most of the time we give our clothes to someone who needs or may be share with friends.. Sometimes because of some stain or when they get torn it is not appropriate to share. We can still be creative with them instead to just adding on to the waste that we are already adding to the world.

This post is my first post about what what to do with old clothes.

Outfit worn in 2018

Basic rectangular cut and stitched the edges. We used the fabric to wrap using press flowers that we had collected with a granny knot. You can use it the way you want to do. Don’t forget to share yours with me 🙂


Bring home the Kalanchoe plant | Gardening in India

Kalanchoe – also known as Flaming Katy, Christmas kalanchoe and Madagascar widow’s-thrill. I feel this is one of the good time to bring Kalanchoe home.

I have killed a few till I learnt what they need. My three cents to maintain your kalanchoe.

  • A brighter spot, not very sunny but definitely where they get enough light. I keep it closer to my east facing window where they get good morning light.
  • Regular cleaning – Remove the dead flowers and leaves.
  • Do not overwater. Like most of the other succulent allow your Kalanchoe to get dry between watering. Once they are dry, water them completely until it runs out of bottom.

It is very easy to propagate Kalanchoe. You can easily do that by stem cutting. After cutting the stem, leave them for two days and then plant in another pot. Flowering won’t happen so soon but don’t you love their beautiful leaves? Would soon write a blog post about Kalanchoe flowering.


Terracotta – Time to bring them back to Indian household

Terracotta was always present in Indian household. Isn’t it? While we were a bit distracted about the ease of western countries design elements, a lot of our goods were getting sold as expensive designs in popular countries. Terracotta was definitely one of those.

Terracotta, age old distressed terracotta, terracotta with different designs has gained the popularity over years. The only drawback of terracotta is that they are easily breakable. Unfortunately the easily available terracotta is not as seen as it used be seen before over our local roadsides. Either the demand has decreased over the black plastic pots or the profit for the makers has decreased.

There is nothing more beautiful, earthy, organic as terracotta in terms of planters. Try it out and don’t forget to share the photos.


Spider plant babies – how to propagate spider plant | Home gardening in India