Old things bring old world charm. If you want to experience that, then you need to start keeping them nicely and you will experience it after years.

Even now when I go back home, the blue bed cover made of my mother’s old saree reminds me of her. Even now when I go to my other home, my mother-in-law puts the white bed sheet with red roses printed on it because she knows that it’s my favourite since forever.

We millennials learnt very fast to hoard as well as discard. We got so busy in our day to day life that we forgot that taking care of things is our responsibility.

We have created a pile of clothes, phones (is changing our phone every year really important?), footwear, etc.

I have done this for quite sometime too and I feel ashamed about it. We have made our beautiful earth a dump-yard and it is time for us to understand the repercussions and our responsibilities.

This post is dedicated to my mother and I will do more posts around this.

Watch my little one growing on this pink bed cover. She spilt chai and her favourite chocolate milk over it a couple of times. The stains didn’t disappear magically but faded little by little with each wash. A tiny part of this cover is also mended, but it still remains my favourite. After every wash I keep it inside my wardrobe with some nice fragrance sheets from Kaveri, Bangalore. I love buying things too. However, trust me, home is not just about making it look sparkly and shiny and new. It’s a lot about the warmth old things bring. I bought the cushion cover from Nascent Decor to style with this bedcover and I love how the soft pink and ivory go together.

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