Lockdown for me is not the time when I am getting to try a lot of things. A lot of pending work from my primary job as a professional photographer is yet to be finished.

The best part about press flower art is that you keep observing nature to find the right natural element and you will realise that we ignore so many beautiful things around 🙂

I just feel that I need these activities to keep my nerves calm. Press flower art is something very relaxing and easy. Right from the process of picking up the element from nature till placing and glueing it is soothing.

Let’s see how we can do it. Pick up anything that you feel is beautiful. To me wild fallen flowers are prettiest. Picking up is the first step. It should be free from morning dew. Will talk about picking up flowers in next story.

Next step is pressing. You can press in between a tissue and place inside a book, I place them directly. I have devoted an old, thick book for this purpose. Let it dry for a week. There is another method to do this without waiting, I would explain that in next story.

Next it deciding a base, I have taken a handmade paper here. You can decide from what you have in the stock. Decide the placement of your picked natural pieces.

Once your have finalised the placement, use a flat brush to stick it using decoupage glue. Let it dry and then do an upper coat. Let it dry finally 🙂 While doing the upper coat, use a generous amount of glue but apply it very gently to prevent the petals or leaves from breaking.


Keep looking for new ones to make new press flower art.

It can be a great gift, post lockdown. I always feel that a handmade gift is the best one 🙂

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