Kalanchoe – also known as Flaming Katy, Christmas kalanchoe and Madagascar widow’s-thrill. I feel this is one of the good time to bring Kalanchoe home.

I have killed a few till I learnt what they need. My three cents to maintain your kalanchoe.

  • A brighter spot, not very sunny but definitely where they get enough light. I keep it closer to my east facing window where they get good morning light.
  • Regular cleaning – Remove the dead flowers and leaves.
  • Do not overwater. Like most of the other succulent allow your Kalanchoe to get dry between watering. Once they are dry, water them completely until it runs out of bottom.

It is very easy to propagate Kalanchoe. You can easily do that by stem cutting. After cutting the stem, leave them for two days and then plant in another pot. Flowering won’t happen so soon but don’t you love their beautiful leaves? Would soon write a blog post about Kalanchoe flowering.

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