1. Rotate your succulent – frequently. Succulent will bend towards the sun so rotating them will keep them straight. If you forgot to rotate and in case any of your succulent has bend a lot, just put them into a bright ( not too sunny ) spot where they get light from everywhere, they will regain their original shape.
  2. Keep your succulent clean – use paint brush, I sometimes use tooth brush to keep them clean and dust free.
  3. Use Succulent Potting Soil – There is a huge difference in Succulent / Cacti planted in regular soil and cacti soil. I use Casa de Amor succulent potting soil and I order it from Amazon
  4. Container with drainage – is a must. If you are choosing a container without drainage then be very careful while watering, the rot very soon.
  5. Terracotta is their best friend – I have tried re-potting succulents in different mediums and I personally feel that Terracotta gives them a better life. Terracotta is breathable and it absorbs water from the soli.
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