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Our aim is to provide you with plant related products that are unique so that your home develops or maintains its uniqueness too. Plants bring to every home a lot of positive energy. We would love to see more and more homes move towards botanical themed interiors. We are here to help you with that in our own way.

All our products are made in India. We work with artisans directly as much as we can so that they benefit the most when they make products for us. A lot of our products are our own designs. At the moment we are also figuring out ways to become more eco-friendly, because that is important, isn’t it? If you have any suggestions, we would be keen to hear them.

Take a look around and in case you have any questions, we can be reached at +919284362349

All prices mentioned on our store are inclusive of charges for shipping within India.

Kindly note that unless specified, plants or any decorative accessories in and around the products are for representational purposes only and are not shipped with the products.

Orders can take upto 3 days for shipping.

A Million Stories

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Collection Tropical is inspired from moody monsoon feel of tropical Goa.
Collection Sea is inspired from the mystic oceans of Goa. From Arabian Sea to Sea shells to golden sand and sunsets. This collection is all about waves and blues.


Then, now and forever. Terracotta pots are timeless. Our Terracotta collection is a tiny collection of unique shapes that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Art by Pallavi Sethi

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